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Anonymous asked: have u ever had a bad sexul experience?


Eh like one. It wasn’t really sexual it was just kinda stupid. I was a senior in highschool and was a virgin and so I was like the least I can do is have one sexual experience before I leave. At least touch the dick or something. So this guy invited me over and we were in his room, no one was home. And he gave me some hickeys or whatever and then I was like I’m finna touch the dick so I can say I finally had it like in my hand. So I unzip his pants and this nigga is smiling cause he goofy AF anyways and I pull his dick out and I was like :O Damn like how do I fuck with this it’s huge and so his smile gets goofier cause he knows his shit is huge and I was like this my first time I’m a holy virgin, I was just trying to give a hand job. I’m not ready. Like I’m a novice a fucking beginner in game mode. His dick is like on expert and shit. 

And so I was like NO I CAN DO THIS SHIT. I WILL DO THIS. I was talking myself up and shit in my head so I moved my hand on it up a little and he grunted so I thought that meant I did something wrong and I got so nervous and I squeezed my hand and he jumped up and away from me SO FUCKING FAST and then he landed on the floor and I was just on the bed with my hand clutching fucking air looking like

Did I do this? And then I was just like GOT DAMN IT. And so I picked up my shit, told that nigga good day and took my ass home. There was a reason why I was a virgin, obviously.